L.A. Williams Beatport


L.A. Williams has been in the scene since the early eighties among the creators and innovators of the famous Chicago “Jack” House sound circa 1980 – 1989. It was penetrated by what is known throughout the world today as the House Sound of Chicago. Artists and DJs such as Hot Mix “5”, Pharris Thomas, Bobby Q Bobby, Pink House, Adonis, Marshall Jefferson, Frankie Knuckles, Armando, Lil Louis, Farley “Jackmaster” Funk, Phuture, Tyree (Supa Dupa) Cooper, Ron Hardy & Steve “Silk” Hurley could be heard on radio stations like 89.3 FM WKKC, 102.7 FM WBMX and 107.5 FM WGCI. Whether it was through the week on the hot lunch mix or the weekend, Chicago received a full pumped-up dose of all its favorite house and rhythm trxs. New and unreleased material was played from reel-to-reel, tape cassette or test wax on the radio as well as packed houses in legendary clubs like the Warehouse, The Box, Powerplant, Shelter, AKA’s, C.O.D. and Racquetball Club, where one and all could get a full inspiration of house music all night long.

But before L.A. would ever step foot into the world of music as a career, his ear and mind were trained by the early influences of his father Mr. Williams Sr., an avid record collector and former deejay himself who was known in the neighborhood for his famous 25-cent backyard Motown soul house parties. The Williams household was always filled with sounds of music from jazz, blues and soul to pop, rock, and disco. After being raised up on heavy hittin’ sound training from his father & uncles, L.A. followed in his family footsteps, starting his DJ career at the age of fifteen. That would soon lead him to another career path: the creating & the production side of music.

During his first year at Prairie State College (Chgo. Heights) in 1985, L.A. met Spanky, Herb Jackson and DJ Pierre who would later form the famous acid trio “Phuture”. L.A. soon joined the trio thru time travel creating mind beats for those with lost souls. 1987/88 as the magic years for Chicago, L. A. produced & released his first track titled “L.A.’s Music” along with Spanky, who also helped with the project deal on the legendary Trax Records (Acid Trax 3) compilation. Other creations that developed from this were Group “X” & Phuture “303,” both on the label imprint Djax Up-Beats, as well as the classic re-release of “Acid Trax” on ID&T/Trax Records with a supported remix from Professor Trxxs. aka “Weed People” & People From Mars.

L.A.’s academic career also included a morning drive radio show with Dexter “da teach cha“ Wright on WKKC 89.3 FM “on the left hand end of your radio dial” from 1989 – 1990 (Kennedy King College), training in the fundamentals of music such as voice, percussion, sound engineering, & radio/TV broadcast production.

L.A. returned back 2 to the Phuture in 1993 & was introduced to Roy Davis Jr. to produce and engineer Van & Vern Ikner’s “Deliver Me” on Freetown Rec., and also engineered Roy’s remix project of Eric Morillo’s hit “I Like To Move It” on Strictly Rhythm (New York/London). Later on that year L.A. released several projects on the Power Music/Sex Trax labels, which gave him the light speed jump of opportunity into the “ third realm of house” muzik.

In 1997 (the year of the new), L. A. and Paige Ilise broke ground to start hittin’ heavy with Chisel Records, featuring some of the Heaviest Hitters bridging the gap from Chicago to Detroit to Berlin and the universe beyond. The Chisel Records catalog includes releases from Norm Talley (“Nu Tonic” EP), L.A. Williams (“This Is A Test”), KJG (“Acid Ghetto” EP), Terrence Parker (“Strong Songs” EP), Solid Gold Players (“Flute Song”), Aphrohead (“I Know You’re It”), L.A. feat. XuXa (“House Music “98”) and German Broadcasters (“S-Channel”), among others. In 2002, Chisel Records introduced “Heavy Hitters,” a series of 3 compilations starting with “Heavy Hitters: Time 2 Jackk,” released on Disko B (Munich). 2003 marked the second installment of “Heavy Hitters 2: Repercussion Series,” released on DJ-Sets Records (Berlin). The third installment “H 3” is currently in development and set to deliver the Heavy jackkin sounds from before and into the phuture. The mission is… to expose to the world the talents & innovative sounds of Electro Techno Housemusic.