L.A.O.S. Beatport


L.A.O.S. is a collaboration of three oldschool beatheadz DjAbraham , D-bex and JayEM. They have known each other for several years but not until 2002 they understood the obvious fact that they should join forces in music production. They share the same passion for music and their taste of music is expectionally identical.

L.A.O.S. has a bunch of releases lined up on labels like Hospital (UK), Raw Canvas (4hero remix) (UK), Spearhed (UK), Defunked (UK) and Midnight Sun Recordings (FI). Their tracks are getting dj support from names like London Elektricity, Zinc, Blu Mar Ten, Blame, Annie Mac (BBC Radio1), Kasra and Utah Jazz just to name a few. Their release Panda Style has gained worldwide recognition and future will tell will these boys be known for inventing “endangered species step” music genre. In 2007 they were asked to do a remix for 4hero of their track called Morning Child.

L.A.O.S. sound is mainly melodic, dancefloor oriented drum and bass but their wide aspect in music wont hold them in one genre. As one wise man said: “There are only two types of music: good and bad”.

L.A.O.S. Live consists of bands own boys, guest artists and vocalists. The line-up for the live is build for every gig individually and it can range from three member turntable-effects-laptop mayhem up to six member band with live drummer, bass player and vocalists.

L.A.O.S. perform dj-sets individually or together, depending of the venue. They are all experienced djs with more than 20 years of djing experience altogether. They have played in almost every mentionable event in Finland and also abroad in UK, US, Estonia and Russia: St Petersburg and Moscow.