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Kyro & Bomber

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Onelove, Vamp Music
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Originally starting out his career as a one-man speed metal band in the late-1930s, Sydney’s own pocket rocket Kyro, has been slowly making his mark on the Australian dance music scene. Like, literally… He actually keeps marking his territory everywhere he goes, it’s kinda nasty. Apart from this slightly insignificant bladder problem, Kyro has also caught the attention of DJs across the globe with his powerful electro house originals and remixes.

His production style is armed to the teeth, influencing a broad range of styles from rave, electro house, trap, bounce, twerk and also this new genre I just made up called mid-tempo future jazz. His debut EP Space Cowboy was swiftly signed to Onelove Recordings in 2014 and received huge amounts of praise from DJs all over Australia. His Fortuna collaboration with Chris Arnott skyrocketed to #12 on ARIA’s Club charts and immediately gained international support from Marvin Garrix, Afrojake, David Guerra, Craig VonStroke and 3 other fake names I’ve made up.

His Australia wide ‘Kyro Tour’ in mid-2014 cemented his worth, playing hugely successful sold out shows, subsequently earning him enough frequent flyer miles to treat himself to a new winter snuggie. Kyro’s also had the privilege of playing at some of Australia’s biggest festivals… etc etc yada yada are you still reading this? Wow. Congrats you made it to the end but there’s no deleted scenes or funny outtakes, sorry.

Long story short, Kyro’s a legend. Get around him.

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