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Midrand, South Africa

Hip-Hop, House

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DJ | Producer | Artist | MC | Motivational Speaker | Author

De philosopher DJ KYOS. His real name is Kyos Magupe A.K.A (Mr. All in one). DJ by profession and Kyos by name. Master of music, and genius of entertainment Industry. One of the trend setters, when it comes to entertainment. His creativity has no limitations. A very humble soul that is multi –talented and hardworking. He is a definition of entertainment. What set him different from other Celebrities except his unique style or approach of entertainment, is that he is very passionate, committed, determined and love what he does. He has, still and can compose, write and produce any music genres. I am talking beat making, song writing, and singing. Mixing and Mastering. Taking his career of music very seriously and professionally. There is no music he can’t play, mix or remix. His so skillful, that he can play various instruments and knowledgeable in also using any music software’s (DAW).

His performance is amazing that he can please any crowd. His humor and little bit of comedy can make people laugh nonstop. His has ways of encouraging, motivating and inspiring any human being. There is no crowd he can’t rock. There is no audience he can’t impress. He has entertain the world in various occasions as an MC, Producer, Artist, Motivational speaker, and DJ. Being experienced as he is. He has done an awesome and excellent job in entertaining the world, from small crowd like kitchen parties, street bashes, pubs, clubs, weddings, closing functions. To big corporate functions. From casual to business functions. From Traditional ceremonies to urban parties. One of the records he hold is .For every event that he was booked or has hosted, he gave people moments and memories of a lifetime. He has captured the hearts of young and old through music and has entertained all races, in different occasions.

Currently resides at Midrand, but travels a lot to different places worldwide. Started singing in an early young age and was introduced to music in church. Grew up in a family of musicians. Sang different music genres when growing up, that include the accapella, playing in a live band and being a dancer. Music was his culture that raised him to be the muso that he is today in the industry. When he grew up, he was playing guitar, drums and keyboard. Started imitating other people songs until he compose his own from the age of 11. He has been producing for years, worked with lot of well-known Artists and big labels. He was introduced to Fruity loops and Wavelab by Dr Duda before he became member of Micasa and before he was signed by Soul Candy and worked with DJ Fresh. Then he learned how to use other software’s like, Cubase, Nuendo, Pro tools, Logic pro, Garage band, Cakewalker, Adobe Audition and Ableton live. From then until to this day, He is still composing and using this software’s and hardware’s.

The time he went to Varsity he thought music would stop because he needed to focus on his BBA Degree and ICT. Little did he know that he was a music slave? He started other music groups at varsity, started to entertaining students. He composed more songs and even composed a song for the varsity that was performed on graduation. On weekends at varsity he would still play If there are events. Even thou music is his talent; education is another part of him.

He believes that In the music industry he has a family. He has meet some good and some cruel people, but that didn’t make him to give up. He has worked and shared a stage with lot of big, known artists, dj’s and producers around the globe, the likes of djcleo,clock,fresh,oskido,qness,rulf,duda,aero,bobeazy,shimza,mahoota,tira,big nuz,merlon,mujava,bricks, ganyani, tenebrio, christos, euphonic, vinny ,Black Coffee and many more ,. And some of my songs were no 1 on the charts for more than 3 weeks. He was born to entertain.

People saw how gifted he was since he was at primary and they have motivated him to drop out and continue with music. He didn’t listen to them because he knew education is also important. ”It doesn’t matter how talented you are. Knowledge is power. My education plays a big part in my music life. Lyrical wise and contractual wise. I have been doing music since ancient time. One thing I’ve learned it’s not easy, but since I have passion for it. I won’t quit it. I was born to entertain, I’m also busy helping and mentoring other upcoming dj’s and artists. That’s why today I am still in music industry. Music is not part of me, Music Is me. It doesn’t matter how many years it takes, but if it makes you happy, then do it.” He says.

For more info, google dj kyos