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DJ KURT (Kurt De Keyser) was born in Leuven on the 2nd October 1981. When he was 15 years old, he visited a friend at home. Kurt went downstairs in the basement and saw a complete DJ booth, dancefloor, discolights & girlzzzz.. Almost every Friday, people celebrated in this basement…. That?s what Kurt wanted to be, A DJ!

Immediately, he bought 2 cd-players and a quiet-stupid Mixing-table. A few months later the DJ started to buy Vinyl…Jones & Stephenson – First rebirth was his first vinyl! After learning everything by himself and showing some mixing-skills at friends home he received some bookings for parties. At those several parties he played together with famous DJs of the Belgian scene. For example Dance Beats, Closing @ Wings of Helios, Future Zone.

When Kurt met his good old friend Yves @ school, He invited him to play at Que Pasa Keerbergen. He accepted it immediately and went to Que Pasa for his DJ-set on a Wednesday evening! It became a real big party! The owner invited him to come and play every Saturday. Later on, he also received a chance to mix the famous Dance Mission on the radio! He did this a few times.

Some weeks later Kurt became First DJ. People became crazy for his sets on Retro-parties and so he received several bookings on local parties.

Years later, he became resident of Graffitys Keerbergen. Kurt did the complete start-up of Graffitys and now its every Friday A Place 2 Be!

Last but not least, he completed his dream by playing TWICE at the famous club ILLUSION, participating a DJ-Contest. After those contests he received several times a place between the residents @ ILLUSION!

He played at Partylovers, Mia’s B-day Party, Jean of the Jungle,etc… together with Wout, Kane, Jan, Jean, Dave Lambert, Stijn, Seelen, Christophe, David, Jochem and many others…

You will hear lots more of this DJ in the very near future!!!

Kurt: “Big thanx to everybody that supported me all those years, my friends and everybody I forgot to mention!”