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Madrid, Spain


AKA: Laura M

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She started to introduce herself at the electronic music world at 2003, due to her job at Fabrik club and Code parties. She came in contact with the turntable at 2006; that’s when she began to consider to take her dj facet seriously, becoming a priority in her life.

In 2014, she released her first work, Lmnts, in nAX_Acid´s label, Aconito Records, where artists like Deepbass, Ness, Claudio PRC or Giorgio Gigli among others had been released. 2015 draws his second reference in this label, Environments. Currently, his latest work as a producer, has been for the label Dynamic Reflection.

Kuroi´s sound is her own vision of techno, full of modulated synths and analog taste rhythms.

She made her early performances at several rave parties and made room at Madrid scene gradually performing at mythical clubs, birthplaces of techno music, such as Stardust, Cassette, Specka, Audium or One. Her sets are based on a hard, direct and lively techno you can dance to. Nevertheless, she adapts herself to public and place finely. Nowadays she’s one of the most promising deejays with one of the best careers in Madrid, her home town.

Summarizing ,to gaze at Dj Kuroi at the dj booth means to enjoy of an inflammatory session combined with juggling, strength and feeling.