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Electronica, House

Basic Beat, Gekko
Kumara Beatport


Kumara Aarup started learning the ropes of deejaying in the late nineties when he was seventeen years old at a radio station in Vojens Denmark. Kumara grew up in Vojens since he was three years old until he was seventeen years old. He has one older brother and one older sister. His parents lives in Vojens as well and he went to highschool in the same city.

The first real nightclub gig was at discotheque mirage in Vojens, where Kumara grew up. After spinning records and compact discs in Vojens, he moved on to try the audience in Sri Lanka, Kumara spent three weeks spinning records on the island of Ceylon.

When arriving back from Sri Lanka he appeared on a nationwide radio show on Danish Radio One appearing as guest deejay broadcast throughout Denmark with almost one million listeners. As eighteen years old Kumara moved to Great Britain to continue the deejay scene.

He started spinning records in bath two hours from London, also know as romern bath. He spent one year in England spinning records for thousands or people. He also appeared live on GWR radio show in bristol, and played for the university of bath. Kumara was spinning for Forum & Firkin night club in bath as well as the venue at the university of Bath and the University Radio Station.

In July 1999 Kumara moved to San Francisco in California United States of America, he started spinning for Club Millennium on Kearny and Broadway in San Francisco early August of 1999, at this point in time Kumara was already fully professional in the deejay scene and was hired by Club Millennium to represent the club as their International resident Deejay and Veejay.

The club was brand new and was just build. Kumara spun for thousands of people every Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Kumara was at this time bearing broadcast through satellite to several millions of people in America. He became the thirty eighth Dj out of 75 djs of The Bay Area Dance And Dj Association. A full three page review of the club he was spinning at along with a picture from a radio show at Danish Radio P1 in Copenhagen that he appeared on was published throughout America, Through Deja Vu Showgirls Magazine, the magazine was released in every state of America including Hawaii.

In 1999 Kumara bought the rights for dj Kumara dot com through United Kingdoms biggest Host for Information Technology. The first year in San Francisco was a good year for Kumara, he was spinning almost everyday at the most popular spot in United States, this gave him a lot of publicity, and became very fast popular in the bay area as an International Deejay.

In year 2000 Kumara went on a Euro tour traveling with his girlfriend to several different countries in Europe such as Bruzzel, Great Britain, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Germany and Many other countries. When he arrived back to the United States of America he was hired by Americas biggest broadcast station KGO Hot Talk 810 as producer for Bill Wattenburg, and Barbara Simpson Show in the Bay Area San Francisco with more than five million listeners.

Kumara stayed in the bay area and started working for the first web company on this planet constructed by Nasa. He was hired by the company to produce and master sound materials from very famous scientists such as John C. Lilly, Houston Smith, Richard Feynman, Terence Mckenna and several other scientists researching the possibilities of traveling in time. At the same time he was spinning records for several different companies such as Sony Entertainment in San Francisco as the international guest deejay.

Kumara started his own night in San Francisco called Club Kumara in 2001 located at 685 Sutter Street in San Francisco. Kumara is born on an island underneath India called Sri Lanka May 1979, his family lives in Scandinavia and Sri Lanka. Kumara is one of Martel and Nabiels club promoters. Martel and Nabiel throws some of the best house nights in San Francisco with Paul Oakenfold, Pete Tong, Ean Golden, Mark Farina, John Digweed etc.