Demanded state wide and nationally, DJ KU is one of Florida's most highly recognized and sought after DJs. With over ten years of solid DJ experience beneath his belt, he c... read more
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Location: Tampa, United States United States
Genre: Open Format

Demanded state wide and nationally, DJ KU is one of Florida’s most highly recognized and sought after DJs. With over ten years of solid DJ experience beneath his belt, he continues to be one of the south east’s most respected and influential DJs in the nightclub scene. Ku began his lifelong relationship with music as a die hard hip hop junkie, but throughout the years, his ear quickly became attracted to and exposed to the likes of funk, soul, house, electro, and more. And today, with an unquestioned love for all kinds of music, his catalogue spans the test of time and has proved itself time and time again to entertain any crowd.

Ku has traveled the country, as well as parts of the world to bring his signature sound to audiences of all kinds. Past cities include the likes of Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Miami, Houston, San Francisco, Washington DC, Boston, Vancouver, Toronto, The Dominican Republic, and Shanghai amongst others. Through the years, he has been fortunate enough to work with such nationally acclaimed acts like the late DJ AM, Jazzy Jeff, Lil Jon, Diplo, Craze, and more. Noteworthy celebrities he has had the honor to provide soundtracks for include Kim Kardashian, French Montana, Mario Lopez, Wiz Khalifa, Michael Jordan, Derek Jeter, and Michael Phelps to name a few.

Throughout the years however, his efforts have not gone unrecognized. During the summer of 2011 he was invited to join Critical Beatdown, a collective of DJs, crowd movers, and taste makers with members all throughout the United States. In 2012, he competed in the infamous Red Bull Thre3style DJ battle and was crowned the South East Champion and a US Finalist. The attention from that would later that year secure his title of “Club DJ of the Year” by Central Florida publication Pulse Magazine. In July of 2013, he was asked to lend his talents to the second biggest radio station in the US, Power 106 in Los Angeles, as a featured guest on the “Jump Off Mix!” And as of 2015, he has been able to secure his brand nationwide by being a featured guest on Shade 45’s infamous “Sway In The Morning” show on satellite radio and by being ranked as the best DJ in Tampa Bay and #21 of the "Top DJs in the USA’ by national publication, The Sun Times (based out of Chicago).

Amongst all the same old DJs, there only stands a few who really stick out and leave a mark. One of those being Florida’s own DJ KU. With his feet firmly planted in the roots of true school DJing and turntablism, he without a doubt, brings a refreshing sound to the new school ways. In a rapidly growin digital age, Ku has managed to evolve, yet stay true to the ways of what a DJ should really be. His music selection, flawless mixing techniques, turntablism, and stage presence are on a level of their own. Whether it’s hip hop, rock, reggae, funk, house, or anywhere in between, he always manages to keep the dancefloor alive and full of energy.