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We’re in a dark nightclub. The DJ cues his own track, hits play, the beat kicks in and hands immediately go up in the air, seized by its irresistible groove. The next DJ – Judge Jules, setting up for his own set – sees the damage done and asks what the track is. The DJ passes it to him and Jules proceeds to put it straight back into the C-DJ and hit play… and then once more, to end his set. Jules then plays it on his Radio 1 show six weeks in a row, making it his “Tried and Tested” and saying on air that it’s “the best example I’ve heard of really getting the balance right: great chords, huge atmosphere and groovy undertone.” The track’s secretive producer is known only by the name written in indelible ink on the CD-R – Kryder – and the track is K2. Punters across the nation start clamouring to know who Kryder is. Debates surface on blogs and dance forums. Labels, managers, punters join the hunt to track him down.

Behind the visor, Kryder (still as mysterious as he is anonymous) is the producer to look out for in 2011, with his dwarf sidekick – the classically-trained Dokta Kaotika – and a circus freakshow entourage. “We’re producing music that stands up in any club,” says Kryder himself and that is backed up across the industry.