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Milwaukee, United States

Drum & Bass, Open Format

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With the change of the millennium, came a change in musical tastes that would ensue a lifetime for one man. The art of just experiencing music would no longer be just that. It would now be transformed into capturing, manipulating, and creating, eventually becoming a way of life. From that day forth Kruser would ultimately devote his life to underground electronic music, a change that wouldn’t be obvious to even himself for many years. A man of “many hats” Kruser cannot be pigeon holed into any one category, or genre of music, truly having an endless spectrum in musical tastes.

Having come from a small, closed minded community he felt the need to be different, or against the grain. With his heart on his sleeve, Kruser worked at bringing a new sound to an old town. But it wasn’t until he ventured to Milwaukee were his motivation, determination, and musical achievements would truly start to bloom. With almost a decade of promotions under his belt, countless mix tapes, original productions, and sharing the stage with some of the biggest names in the game, Kruser has found his true passion. 2011 will be the biggest year for him, and the smallest in the scope of the future….