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Ramon Castro Renteria, better known as Dj Kronos was born Sept. 11, 1991 in Mexico City, his parents having started his career average at the age of 14. interested in electronic music began to fill his fourth disc of music of that genre, until by roasting the destination airport in Mexico City met his biggest inspiration and what would be the beginning of this beautiful career, Paul Van Dyk

Thanks to this event knew the trance music, which immediately fell in love, then decide to dig deep into the world of dj and production. Toured den after den, looking for a chance to play, but never happened.

until 2008 is studying in school knows an excellent trance music producer, Edmundo and together decided to form a project called Kronos & Raymix which is in force at this time, and so, in the same year a big event arrives , which could open more doors for these djs and producers comes the sound fest where they play the best DJs from mexico.

It is up to 2010 where Dj Kronos is given one more chance to be resident in the Night Club Woda which would not last long because of problems with the employers of that place.

Today we can see Kronos & Raymix in his small studio producing music and progressive trance with a dream to make it known in the old continent Armada Music, Anjunabeats, Blackhole, Vandit …..