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Maybe it’s time Kronic dropped the ‘dj’ from his title.

Let’s be serious, what kind of DJ climbs atop of the dj console, mid-set, and starts jumping around? This reckless abandonment of personal safety is far from a gimmick. Rather, it’s a perfect example of the festive like energy and excitement Kronic brings to the club.

It’s this intensity that has transformed the Adelaide native into a national club icon. After three years of constant Australian touring, and supporting some of the industry’s biggest names (Grandmaster Flash, 50 Cent, Kelly Clarkson, The Game, LMFAO, Snoop Dogg, Akon, to name a few), Kronic has cemented himself as one of Australia’s a-list urban dj’s.

In 2010, however, Kronic is burying the word ‘urban’. With just two hours, a trademark Kronic set encompasses every crowd-rocking genre known to club-goers. Drawing inspiration from Vegas mash up dj’s such as Clinton Sparks and DJ AM, Kronic moves through hip-hop & rnb to house, electro and even classic rock to keep drinks in hand, and hands in the air.

However, it’s Kronic’s own mash ups, remixes and original production that are fast becoming the calling card of his live shows. His ‘shots of bonkers ‘ mash up has become an international phenomenon, whilst his production debut – ‘cocaine’ – has popped up on mixtapes, blogs & club sets around the world.

Building upon the viral success of these records, Kronic is using 2010 as the launching pad of his production career. Armed with an abundance of remixes and original tracks awaiting release, Kronic’s invasion of the dance music charts is imminent.

With his debut single set for a may release, Kronic will embark on a nationwide single launch tour, visiting over 30 venues across the country.

Until then, you can find Kronic raising hands and heartbeats on the Gold Coast, holding down residencies at the two hottest clubbing destinations – Vanity & SinCity whilst maintaining his regular guest spots across the country.