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KromeAngels have risen to a new level. The trio, who have been a watchword for dance innovation, amazing global parties and vast musical talent throughout the last two decades are not content to rest on their laurels, but are as hungry for new musical experience as they ever have been.

These three veterans of the scene, who had always been full of respect for one another’s music, first joined forces as KromeAngels back in 2006. Only now, though, have they matured into an album act, with their aptly-titled debut ‘Modern Day Classics’ currently making waves worldwide and their second album ‘Sexy, Freaky, Nasty’ and preceding singles featuring rave legends MC Darrison and Sian Evans (Kosheen) ready to cement their position as international electronic music titans.

But who are they? This mighty sonic triumvirate comprises Brighton-born Dino Psaras (the first Dragonfly DJ, the first person to release on the Perfecto Fluoro label and member of Cydonia and Ayahusca); Dado (the renowned French music producer who has collaborated with the likes of Bamboo Forest and spearheaded projects such as Transwave); and Shanti (whose infamous basslines made him the young Prodigy of the Voov Festival, and who composed the Visionquest 2003 DVD signature tune).

None of them were ever content to settle into predictable grooves, and recognising kindred spirits who refused to stagnate into any kind of trance “norm”, these three came together to create a fresh sound, taking the genre to new realms encompassing breakbeat, techno, house, electro and everything in between.

Despite all this history though, this is really just the beginning. They are ready to explode in all directions – as if ‘Sexy, Freaky, Nasty’ wasn’t enough, a third, live, album covering the incendiary best of their early years will follow in its footsteps. Don’t question, don’t try to fight the onslaught, just listen!

WubWubWub is the new home for the KromeAngels’ productions, their personal projects and collaborations with like minded music producers.

The international sound of the label takes its influence from all music past and present, including trance, electro, acid and progressive house breaking down the boundaries to form a new direction and sound for club trance.

Label founders Dino Psaras, Shanti Matkin and Frederic Holyszewski hail from the UK, Holland and France retrospectively. Now based in Ibiza, they bring together the sounds from three of Europe’s most influential dance scenes to create the sound of Krome Pressings.

Their second long awaited album KromeAngels – ‘Sexy, Freaky, Nasty’ is to be released in spring 2014.