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Ulm, Germany

Drum & Bass, Hardcore / Hard Techno

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Born in the times of afros and bell-bottoms, raised by Mama Mia and Daddy Cool, Krome discovered his love for music in his early years already.

Listening to Herby Hancock, Afrika Bambaata and Kraftwerk turned him into a true EDM believer, lover and follower, a style of music he has been true to until today.

After venturing into various other genres (Black, 80s, 90s), he stayed always connected with EDM and it’s not uncommon to see him spin some good old vinyl when he feels like it, even though he strongly believes in the advantages MIDI and computer-based DJing can offer.

His influences stem mainly from 90s early electronica (rave, hardcore subgenres) but with a twist both for the accessible fun-genres like handsup and hard and direct ones like hardstyle, hardtrance and hardcore. Just for kicks (and private pleasure), he also mixes psychedelic trance, various house styles and 80s/90s remixes.