Edmonton, Canada

Hard Dance, Trance

AKA: Kris Wilkinson

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Age: 25

Sponsors/Affiliates: Digitally Imported Radio, Liquid Ice, Play Promotions

Record Labels: De Novo UK, Flux Delux UK, DP Recordings, Audiojelly

Born and raised in Canada, Kris has progressively built a reputation as one of Canada’s leading artists. At just 25 years his 7 years of promoting, producing and mixing has touched international audiences all over world. Delivering a unique Hard Edged Tech Trance flavor with each performance, Kristoff’s deLicious selections blend diversity, originality and high-nrg sounds all into one show.

Kris was introduced to music and theory at an early age with several years training on brass and percussion. With over 8 years of education, unique and original electronic sounds always caught his attention. After studying for his degree in sciences at the University of Alberta he started dabbling with mixing equipment and attending large events to get his fix of unique and fresh materials.

Determined to create his own sounds and expose his creativity he forwarded his materials to the staff at Digitally Imported for consideration. Almost as soon as they were received his materials were put onto the air and started receiving international recognition. This was an immediate success. Tens of thousands of copies of his demo mixes and live sets were downloaded all over the globe and bookings started pouring in. The listeners loved his work and his initial releases were a huge impact.

After spending just over 6 years mixing and performing he decided to step back to his routes and begin producing his own sounds. In just 6 months his first release was signed to Audio Jelly Recordings and released to the public where it hit their Top-10 Chart immediately. His next release, “Digital Degenerate” was signed by De Novo Records UK and hit #8 in Mix Mag’s charts with additional support from Johan Gielen, John Askew, Alex Calver, John the Baptist and more! His hard-edged flavor didn’t stop there! His 2 remixes for Flux Delux UK and Fundamental Recordings Holland were picked up in no time and supported by Graham Gold, Dumonde, Chris Hampshire, Thomas Datt, Aly and Fila, Giorgio Ponticelli, Martin Roth, and numerous other international players and he has since picked up several other projects already signed for 2006.

Join thousands of listeners for Kristoff’s Monthly Radio show alongside Matt Darey every 4th Saturday of the month on featuring guests: Airbase, Octagen, Martin Roth, Niklas Harding, Menno De Jong, Mark Sherry, Aly & Fila, John Askew and more. Join thousands of listeners in getting your fix of the latest tech, psy and hard trance sounds.