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Kris Schultz

Calgary, Canada


Moonlight Records, Third City Records
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Technique. Style. Soul. No current DJ embodies these qualities quite like Calgarys hottest resident DJ, Kris Schultz. Arriving on the scene in 2003, Kris at once established himself as a major power player and ‘the name to watch’, adding a much-needed urban take to Calgary’s budding nightlife. Dropping the freshest tracks in such genres as hip-hop, drum & bass, and house, Kris has proven, time and again, that passion, dedication, and a bumping sound can steal the hearts and imaginations of music lovers everywhere. Although well versed in many genres, Kris’ main passion is and will remain the Deep and Jackin’ sounds of House music.

In 2006, under the alias of “Kris Melodious”, yours truly landed his first of many residencies at the renowned, hip Opus Lounge. Later that following year, Kris teamed up with the ever so talented Beats Pacifik crew, adding a residency at the Amsterdam Rhino to his ever-growing and impressive repertoire. It was here that Kris formed fast friendships with such local talent as J.D. Campbell (DJ JD), Chris Lillico (The Self Cleaning Guru), and Jason Cutbill. Over the years, Kris has solidified his name by holding down residencies at such respected establishments as Sals on 17th and Bungalow Lounge. In addition, he has also made numerous guest appearances –Velvet Lounge, Mirage, Soda, Sohos, Balance, Habitat, The Whiskey, Koi, and Bamboo- spreading his trend-setting sound throughout the city streets.

In late 2008, Kris displayed his entrepreneurial flair by creating and forming Moonlight Entertainment: a company whose primary focus is to attract and promote new up and coming music and creative talent. Kris immediately set forth to do just that. Keeping with the company mantra, Moonlight Entertainment has brought talent from all over North America to Calgary. Because of this, such world famous DJs as Jason Hodges, Jazzy Eyewear, and Dave Pezzner have kept the boys and girls of the Calgary club scene dancing and rocking to some of the biggest names in House.

The multitalented Kris Schultz has even begun to make a name for himself in the world of production –having privately released two E.P.’s to date!

Recently, Rapid Fire Records has signed this talented up-and-comer and has released his debut single, ‘What Can I do’, on to dozens of downloading sites including Beatport, Junodownload and Addictech.

A harmonious blend of artistry and craft, pleasing to both the ears and the soul, Kris has carved his niche and cemented his sound in the heart of Calgary’s music scene. However, he has not stopped there. We can expect to hear many great things from this unique ‘Master of Sound and Ceremony’ in the future. Truly, the epoch of Kris Schultz has begun.