Kris O Neil Beatport


Kris O’Neil started, like many other DJs/musicians, to enjoy music in an early age. In the beginning, it was mostly rock like Offspring, who kept Kris in front of the stereo. Always searching for beautiful melodies and strong lyrics, Kris started to see all the beauty inside the music. As an early teenager, Kris started to explore different genres, and melodic trance was a natural choice, with all the themes, feelings and energy.

Already at an age of about 11-12 years, Kris started to watch the local DJs spin records, and the first ideas about being a DJ were in he’s mind. Therefore, it were no surprise for anyone, that he bought he’s first mixer in the age of 15. When Kris got he’s first turntable, things really started to work out fast! He got he’s first radioshow at a local station, every Saturday, called In Da Mix – still only 15 years only! The first DJ gigs started to roll in almost instantly and Kris found his calling in life. His truely natural element is the DJ booth working the crowd.

Then one day he came across Morten Berg who really made a difference in Kris’ career (and started a great friendship as well). Since that first encounter the two have brought many projects from ideas to reality, to name a few:, Dial Events,, and more is coming.

Kris have almost played at all kind of events in Denmark, like Gorgeous, Zone Nightclub, Club Catwalk, Club ClimaxX, Future Club, Dial Events etc. and have now started to look outside the Danish borders – the future looks bright for this danish youngster, and with a little luck and continuing hard work who knows how far the wheels of steel will take him.