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Joe McLean, also known as Kreeper, began his experiences with electronic music in Boise, ID. While still very new to the particular scene and genre of music, he began helping his brother promote electronic music events under the company called Touch Your Butt Productions. Shortly after, he moved up to Pullman, WA, where he became an active participant in a group called dj club. With the help of many experienced djs, Joe’s skills matured very rapidly; only a short time later he played his first event in Idaho, Everything’s Beautiful 2.

In the summer of 2003 Joe moved up to Seattle, Washington and quickly became involved in the electronic music scene there. Only one month after moving, he was asked to make his Seattle debut, closing Overeasy, a massive party produced by Equalize Entertainment. Since then Kreeper has become a staple in the Seattle music scene. Having played in all of western Washington, Spokane, Boise, Portland, and Vancouver, B.C.

Kreeper’s breakbeat sound is very unique, combining all aspects of electronic music. His signature sound combines aggressive drum patterns, growling basslines, funky elements, highlighted with trancey overtones, all brought together by seamless mixing. On top of his skills and flow in mixing, quickness is a strong attribute. It is not unusual for Kreeper to fly through 25-30 records during one of his sets. His stage performance includes tight scratching, beat juggling and an energy shared by few.

Throughout the past year and a half, Kreeper has been a successful promoter with Equalize Entertainment, co-founded FunkRock Recordings, and landed an affiliation with Harvard St. Mafia, run by Jimmy Hoffa. . His first CD release, Vertigo hit the streets in mid february and has already gotten rave reviews.

In the short time that Kreeper has been playing, he has opened for the likes of the Lawgivers, closed for Factor-E, Reid Speed and Baobinga, and played tag sets with acts like DJ Fixx, and done 2×4′s with Sir Kutz and b-smarter.

This month he will be joining the ranks of artists like Hyper, Timo Maas, Adam Freeland, Hybrid, Plump Djs and many more by playing on Thumpfunk, the only breakbeat related show on XM Satellite Radio!