Kraemer Beatport


November 21’st, 2005 marked the debut of DJ Thomas Kraemer. Full of spirit and ambition, he began practicing on his buddies turntables aiming to set his city of Harrisonburg, Virginia a-blaze with high energy, uplifting Trance music. Turned out this would be harder than he imagined. Nobody in the city, spare a few people, could relate to the sounds of trance.

After a few short months of practice he began mixing on the cities local FM college radio station, further honing his skills, spinning alongside his best friends and future partners. He picked up the basic skills quickly, impressing his peers and mentors that had years of experience on him.

This transpired throughout the course of a few months until one fateful evening changed his perspective.

Late one night he stumbled upon the internet radio station “” and caught a mix from a DJ by the name of Brandon Wahl. Brandons mix introduced him to the world of deep, soulful house music.

Afterwards, he quickly found classic productions by The Pound Boys, Kaskade, Miguel Migs, and Blue 6 doing more for his spirit than the sounds of Trance.

In the months that followed, Kraemers record collection quickly changed from the sounds of Paul Van Dyk and Armin Van Buuren, to the soulful likes of Ron Carrol and Charles Spencer and eventually landed a 6 month residency at a local club, a huge feat for a house dj in the area.

Today, Kraemer continues to persue his love of house music by sharing it with the world, Preaching the gospel of house through his words and his mixes.

December of 2006 marked the birth of K-Soul. Marked with his newfound love for underground New York and Chicago style house music.

His mixes can be found in regular rotation on, ironically, the station that promoted nearly every stage of his growth.

His new show “The Nightlife” will air it’s first episode in the coming weeks and will feature live mixes by the man himself, along with special guests.