Kornel Lemon Beatport


Kornel Lemon was born in a small Hungarian town Ajka. He studied music theory and playing an instrument for 8 years, in his early years. He get involved in the electronic music around 1991. He made his firs music in deephouse style in 1999, which was played on several underground radio station (like the Austrian Fm4). His first 2 official releases was in 2007 on Donnacha Costello’s Minimise label under the moniker Cornell. This both records was spinned by the big techno names.

Kornel continues producing under his real name on the Spanish label Cray1 LabWorks, where he was remixed by Matt Star and Alex Celler. Also on an Spanish label, Atypical Farm, he made 2 successful releases.

supported by names like Luciano, Loco Dice, Matthias Tanzmann, Martinez, 2000andOne, Laurent Garnier , etc.

Kornel Lemon demonstrates he’s a restless artist, always searching for the latest musical evolution and, what’s better, he normally knows where to find it. Kornél’s sound can described nowadays as a powerful, groovy, deep-space house.

In 2010 he will have releases on the new German label Gymnastique records (where Bearweasel will make a remix for him), Viva music and Cray1 LabWorks, etc.

In 2011 Kornel will have releases on the Italian deep house label Revox Music and on the British Recline Music and on german Gymnastique Records etc …

For Further Artist info check out: http://www.residentadvisor.net/dj/kornellemon

e-mail address : [email protected]