Top 50k on The DJ List


Sofia, Bulgaria

Drum & Bass


Konspirator (Martin Popov, 22) is one of the leading DJs of the Bulgarian drum’n’bass scene. Experimenting with different music at his young age, he finds that what fits his interests and identity is the dnb culture, which he first encountered in 1999. Listening to every beat he can find at that time, Martin soon starts teaching himself the basic mixing techniques.

He first apperas on the Bulgarian scene as “Konspirator” in 2001, and since then he has always been present in the scene. His sets – a pleasant mix of heavy and techy bass lines, melodic ragga vocals and various beats, accompanied with live scratches and funky elements ? reveal the endless diversity of this type of music. Being a top performer he gained popularity not only in Bulgaria but among the Balkan public as a whole.

Representing the leading Bulgarian drum’n’bass crew – H.M.S.U., Konspirator has a good record of participations together with artists like: Goldie[UK], Dillinja[UK], Bryan Gee[UK], Dj SS[UK], Dj Craze[USA], Adam F[UK], ShyFx[UK], Dieselboy[USA], Dj Krust(UK), Pendulum[AUS], Killa Kela[UK], Bad Company[UK], Total Science[UK], Ray Keith[UK], Ez Rollers [UK], Twisted Individual[UK], TeeBee[NOR], Noisia [NL], Technical Itch[UK], Dylan[UK], Future Prophecies[NOR], Black Sun Empire[NL], Gridlok[USA], Raiden[UK], Panacea[GER], Tim Exile (UK), Fanu[FIN], Evol Intent[USA], Current Value[GER], Spor[UK], Audio[UK], Parallel Forces(UK), Invaderz[UK], Zen[UK], Robyn Chaos[UK], Cooh [BG], Outrage[UK], JFB[UK], Deekline[UK], Psychofreud[NOR], Theodosii Spassov [BG], Stoyan Yankoulov Quintette[BG], Howie B (UK), Jamalski[USA], Mc Skibadee[UK], Mc Shabba D[UK], Mc Biggie[UK], Mc Darrison [UK], Mc Tali[UK] etc.