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Kingston, Jamaica

Reggae / Dub

21st Hapilos, FME, H2O Records
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Konshens – The Winner

Konshens – Irie Jam New York ’08

If one was to follow the Brazilian philosophy of breathe, eat and sleep football all your life, what does one become in life? For Garfield Spence, known to most as Konshens who breathes, eats & sleeps music, the answer was obvious.

“I believe that I was musically ordained”

When true talent is given an opportunity it’s bearer proclaims it to the world, bringing forth authenticity, rejuvenation of a saturated industry and the beginnings of something great. Konshens has already staked his claim in a genre that is highly critiqued, has already achieved public acceptance, which many has been denied and is ready to effervescently capture the hearts, minds and souls of his audience. Garfield Delano Spence was born in Up Park Camp, St. Andrew on the 11th January 1985 to Delmark Spence a Soldier of the Jamaican Army and Winsome Worthington a cosmetologist and an astute business woman. Garfield Delano Spencemoved from the safe environment of Up Park Camp, to the volatile community of Sherlock crescent, a decision his father made after leaving the army. It was in that same year that he graduated from Excelsior with 8 subjects successfully under his belt… Inspired by, among others, the great Beres Hammond and raised on early rising gospel renditions, whilst his mother cooked and cleaned on Saturday and Sunday mornings, Konshens was cognisant of music and its impact from an early age, for him it was a comfort, solace and a familiar atmosphere for which he lived in. “I believe that I was ordained” (musically). I made a decision to go into it 100% after realising that it had become an addiction, it’s been three years now and I haven’t looked back.” Konshens appeared on the musical scene in the duo Sojah Brothers alongside his blood brother Delus. They got their big break in Japan after recording the hit single titled ‘Pon Di Corner’ on the Guilty Riddim produced by Cash Flow Records. ‘Pon Di Corner’ rode in the top five positions on various Japanese Reggae charts for most of 2005 – and also saw the duo travelling to Japan for the first time. It was in 2006 they debuted their first album in Japan titled ‘Sons of Jah’ that earned them a successful four weeks tour in various cities of Japan, such as Tokyo, Osaka, Hokkaido to name a few. In November, 2007 Konshens was taken to one of Jamaica’s diverse record labels Natural Bridge Studios by long time friend Carlington Wilmot founder of and recorded a track on their latest production, the ‘Cranberry’ riddim, so impressed was CEO Mark Pinnock and Operations Manager Tamra Recas, they immediately signed the hopeful talent to the prominent Jamaican based label, Natural Bridge Records. Mark Pinnock has worked with some of the biggest names in Dancehall and has an extensive track record stemming from Bounty Killa’s hit single ‘the Mystery is the Mystery’ to the memorable ‘Rice and peas Rhythm’, ‘Bun Bun Rhythm’ and the unforgettable ‘Gully Slime’ production. With his natural eye for talent Mark’s A&R abilities has consistently established Natural Bridge in pole position for establishing unsigned artists. The track ‘Street Life’ off of the ‘Cranberry Riddim’ was subsequently pre-released and has been gaining notoriety globally; spearheading this gifted artist into the acclaim of the Dancehall Industry

“I just got in the hunting mood and decide say mi ago make something happen".

Konshens has steered away from the conventional and predictable collaborations to secure his establishment into the musical arena and instead set his career further a field by combining his musical prowess with established European artists to include, Black Rose from Norway and Messallie from France, and one Jamaican born artist Martina, to name a few. He has also had the opportunity to work with some top producers in the game, Cash Flow, Ward 21, Natural Bridge, Skatta, Vertex and In the Streetz, which has produced Dancehall hits such as, ‘Monster’, ‘Winner’, ‘Bad Mind’, ‘Ova Here’, ‘Jah Protect I’, ‘Caan Draw We Out’ and ‘Real Love’. At present, Konshens is hard at work in the studio, producing hits which will inevitably make him a household name. He lives and breathes music and hits the stage whenever given the opportunity. He uses the streets as his tool to promote his name, as it is the streets’ recognition which will remain prevalent throughout, safe-guarding his career for years to come; yet merging into commercial accomplishment. His music has successfully taken him on tour to the USA and Japan, both renowned hubs of the Dancehall scene and he is prepared to further propel his popularity and fan base by eventually taking his music to the world. Konshens is aware of the fickle industry music harbours, but is prepared to challenge it head on without a jaded attitude, “All my thoughts and plans surround music in every aspect… I cannot predict the Future, however I will take the necessary steps to ensure my future and for now I’m focusing on my career as an artist.” There are few that can and will maintain their careers and set themselves apart from the rest; Konshens stands tall among these talented newcomers. His smooth, unpredictable yet aggressive delivery meshed with feverishly potent riddims will undeniably make him one of the most sort-after artists for 2008; he is refreshingly crucial for this new era of Dancehall currently hitting the scene. Konshens future lies solely in his ability to achieve all he sets out to do and it is clear that he is certain of ultimate stardom and success. When asked what his plaque will read in the Dancehall hall of fame he modestly replies, “Awarded to Konshens for the creation of uncountable musical works of all genres and also for the refusal to record music without soul.”