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“an out-of-the-ordinary dj with the crowd in his hands”

Born as Tony Lengsavath, he is a Bay Area DJ who has taken his unique style of mixing and live music production into a whole new level to bring on the dance floor. He has performed for over 400 events nationwide with residencies within the cities of San Francisco and San Jose. His remixes has placed him into a whole new classification of the new-aged digital DJ.

He first touched a turntable at the age of 16 where his transition from a band drummer into a DJ happened miraculously overnight. He began to network with many other DJs and club promoters which gave him more opportunities. Radio stations such as San Francisco’s Wild 94.9 also invited him to play a set live on-air. As he ventured off to be a solo act, many top clubs in Hollywood such as the Avalon and Cinespace along with the world-famous Rick Rock Productions in Hawaii wanted him. His city-to-city tours were just the beginning.

In 2007, the long awaited collaboration with DJ Dynamik1, an upcoming Trance DJ, had finally hit a milestone when they created the team, “D&K”. This one-of-a-kind group dealt with remixes of mainstream hit songs into new vibrations of electronic synthesized sounds. The style genre formats they use within House are Progressive, Electro, and Minimal along with Trance. Their inspiration for music comes from artists like Tiesto, Black Eyed Peas, Ferry Corsten, and System F.

His style of music varies from Hip Hop and R&B to House and Trance. Depending on the parties and crowds, he knows how to work his audience and leave a lasting performance. One of the most sought after DJ in the market.

What the future holds for him has yet to be determined. He will continue mixing as well as producing executive remixes for many artists. His determination into music will soon prove to the world his absolute importance into entertainment community as well as his thousands of fans.

When he is in the mix, time will freeze as his crowd experience blissful musical interaction.