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Berlin, Germany

House, Techno

Falkplatz, Fondation records, Konsequenz
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Born in Wolfsburg, Germany in 1975, Koljah started out learning drums and classical percussion instruments at the local music-school, and from there went onto play in various jazz, rock and metal projects as well as in classical percussion ensembles and in the orchestra.

However it wasn’t until his first experience of a techno party that he found his true calling in music. Having been blown away by the atmosphere and energy of the monotonic beats, he decided that dance music was his way.

After learning to mix he started putting on parties in his hometown, until he finally moved to Berlin in 2003 and got himself a studio that things really started to happen. From his first release, I.L.M.B.I.B. My Room on Phil e Records in 2005, there has always been a touch of class about his production work that has won him praise from Djs around the globe.

His next release saw him get signed to Sushitech, which resulted in the LeckerKuchen EP, and more recently the Loops For Work EP, not to mention his remixes of Mikael Stavstrands Housedays, Fusiphorms Green Chocolate on Minimood or Oliver Deutschmanns I Wont Tell You Why on Konsequenz.

In 2007 his friends Stephan Hill and Oliver Deutschmann launched Vidab records with the Fett Cash EP produced by Stephan Hill & Koljah who lately got signed the track Nonresponder to Ames Label Innervisions.

In early 2008 he released the Coffee Papa EP on Vidab and is now working on a new EP and his first Album on Sushitech planned to be out in early 2009. In the beginning focused on reduced rhythmical Techno tracks hes now heading to a more classical sound somewhere between House Music Techno. Every time with a clear attention to rhythm but on the same way looking to create emotions because dancing is not about working it’s about feeling.