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Toronto, Canada

Tech House, Techno

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Hailing from the colorful streets of Tokyo, Japan Koki Sugiyama has worn many hats in the world of music and production (at least the hats that fit on top of his pineapple shaped hair-do). In 2003 Koki formed a Japanese rock band in Tokyo and was the front man as vocalist until 2004. Accepting the downfalls of managing and maintaining a 5-piece band, Koki realized it was best that he continue on his musical path solo.

In 2005 Koki was introduced to DJ-ing and electronic music production from a Toronto Native who was playing in Tokyo at the time. Exploring the sounds and styles of this musical genre, Koki began practicing and playing at Local venues in Tokyo and growing more and more in love with this scene. After graduating from Tamagawa University in Tokyo where he studied computer and hardware engineering, he moved to Toronto to pursue music.

As Koki got acquainted with Toronto’s underground scene at venues such as Footwork, he quickly found himself a midst a social circle of talented DJ’s and producers who he would grow and work with. Koki continued his musical education at Trebas for Audio Engineering and after completing this program; he teamed up with Bohemian Yacht Club Music as label assistant manager.

So far in his career Koki has played venues such as Coda, Footwork, Air (Tokyo) and Womb (Tokyo) as well as Toronto’s best summer series Electric Island and the very special little Sunday social down at Cherry Beach. Koki’s musical style ranges from funky jazz-infused deep house to more upbeat tech house and techno. His versatile sound has landed him gigs playing alongside a range of world-renowned artists.

He’s played with artists such as DJ Tennis, Magda, Marc Houle, Tiga, Guido Schneider, Noah Pred, Greg Gow, Soul Clap, Navid Izadi, Bob Moses, Gui Boratto, Max Cooper, Catz ‘N Dogz, Noir, and Masomenos. Koki currently is working on a few projects in the studio, including an EP that is set to release March 31st on Bohemian Yacht Club Music.

Written by Samantha McMeekin (LCPR)