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Kohra is the deep, hypnotic and often grungy mirror image of Madhav Shorey. Raw analog signals and lush soundscapes mixed with percussion sounds and sharp glitches is what can be heard through his mysterious productions. A style that is intelligent enough to mesmerize, yet simple enough to move you.

Constantly paving the way for a new sub-culture of underground dance music is no task for the timid, which is why he has already become the first Indian to have hit the top 10 charts on global industry standards such as Beatport. As a producer his music has been signed to many well respected international record labels including Sounds Of Earth, Trident Music, Wide Angle Recordings and Echoes Records to name a few.

His Live set comprise his own productions performed in a deconstructive format with a constantly evolving component of granular synthesis, vocal sampling, various percussion and effect units. As a Dj, his sets are extremely captivating and reflect a distinct progressive, organic and streamlined approach to techno. He maintains that not only through his high standards of track selection but also with the release schedule of his own quality imprint of Qilla Records.

Kohra has performed at some of the best festivals in India, Dubai, Italy and Australia and is also the official label Dj for Zenon Records. The fact that he has been officially endorsed by leading brands such as Blackberry and Puma is only further authentication of his work.

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Kohra – Air Pedro

Kohra – Air Pedro (Fog Remix)

Kohra – Air Pedro (Elastic Remix)

Kohra – Air Pedro (Jalebee Cartel Remix)

Kohra – FutureShock

Kohra – Inner Space

Kohra – Over The Under

Kohra – Rubber Ducks

Kohra – The Green Escape

Kohra – Clear Grounds (Feat. Gravitactional)

Kohra – Blue Moves

Kohra – Mojza

Kohra – Sceneric Sunrise

Kohra – Malagudi Daze (Midimal Remix)

Kohra – Malgudi Daze

Kohra – Malgudi Daze (Antix Remix)

Kohra – Malgudi Daze (Blackout Remix)

Kohra – Plastic Fantastic

Kohra – Big Bazzaar

Kohra – Wired

Kohra – Tummelplatz

Kohra – Paradigm

Kohra – Paradigm (BLOT Remix)

Kohra – Paradigm (Knobs Remix)

Kohra – Shiromonaki

Kohra – Shiromonaki (BLOT Remix)

Kohra – Shiromonaki (Matador Remix)

Kohra – Shiromonaki (Kane Roth Remix)


Elastic – Animal Slave (Kohra Remix)


V.A. Get Wet Go (Compiled By Dj Nick)

V.A. Chakrunas (Compiled By Dj Gino)

V.A. Sector 9 (Compiled By Fuzz)

V.A. Sonic Waves (Compiled By Kohra)

V.A. Deep Electric India (Compiled By Kohra)

V.A. The Summer Chillout (Blender Magazine)

V.A. Deep Electric Hypnosis (Compiled By Kohra)

V.A. The Hub – Indian Electronica


Kohra – Sidewinder

Kohra – Sidewinder (Vazik & Xahno Remix)

Kohra – Sidewinder (Nir Shoshani Remix)

Kohra – Crystalized

Kohra – Burnt Cinema

Kohra – Burnt Cinema (Jitter Remix)

Kohra – Burnt Cinema (Vipul Remix)

Kohra – Burnt Cinema (Jorge Martins Remix)

Kohra – Secret Shadow