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Welcome to the thedjlistpage of TranceMatic. Trancematic aka Koen Philipsen was born in the country the Netherlands and in the city Oisterwijk. He started with making music when he was 10 years old with the program Ejay. Approximately 1 years later he will work with FL studio also confessed as Fruity loops. The first year that he started to make music he made dance music, and later when he was a little bit older he made trance music. His first tracks were: ‘Blue Ocean’ and ‘Red Elephant’. Then TranceMatic 12 years old wanted more equipment and bought then M-Audio Oxygen 49 and a couple larger boxes. More later he entry himself on Myspace and a couple of other site’s and got going this way with a couple of friends who made also music. For more information on TranceMatic you can look at the site of TranceMatic.