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Knowa Knowone

Oakland, United States


AKA: Knowa Lusion

Muti Music, Street Ritual
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Knowa Knowone is a Bay Area turntablist/producer and co-owner of the record label Street Ritual. Fans know Knowa as someone who vibes off of his crowd’s energy, raising them to a euphoric and ecstatic state of auditory bliss. Hailing from North Carolina, Knowa began his professional career as a DJ, producer and promoter over a decade ago. Knowa moved to the west coast during the 2000s where he quickly made a name for himself as one of the premiere music artists in the west coast underground.

Knowa Knowone has played with artists such as Noisia, Freq Nasty, EOTO, and Mimosa, playing shows around the globe and festivals including Symbiosis Gathering, Burning Man, The Boom Festival (Portugal), and Electric Picnic (Ireland). Knowa’s release with Sleepyhead as Knowsleep, released in 2008 put Knowa on the map as one of the pioneers for glitch hop and dubstep in the US. Knowa’s music combines traditional midtempo and breakbeat with deep bass, glitchy sounds, ethnic rhythms, and psychedelia to create a sound that stands out as uniquely Knowa Knowone. In 2012, Knowa will tour extensively to promote the Street Ritual label and the release of his new LP ‘Champagne and Kittens’ out now on 1320 Records.