Top 25k on The DJ List


Los Angeles, United States



Shaun Velarde aka Knoe is best known for his eclectic and soulful dj style.

Playing and collecting records since 98’ Shaun has demonstrated his ear for music by melodically mixing house, disco, downtempo, and fresh beats all around to the likings of a diverse people.

Crate diggin’ deep from the day he turned his heart to music up until now he continues to love the search for vinyl and vows to never give that up.

Time and time again he has attributed his musical style and taste to artists such as Doc Martin, Mark Farina, Garth, Harvey and Jason Blakemore to name a few, these dj’s and producers had an important influence on Shaun to where he found it was ok to venture out into new musical styles.

Shaun has had the opportunity to spin with Lance DeSardi, Wally Callerio, and hometown hero Jason Blakemore. He created an eclectic night and a home for local kids to chill and hear dope music every week at Avalon (Costa Mesa, CA). Recently he was given the opportunity to hold it down at Club Likwit (Dec. 2004-Los Angeles)-spinning records with Tha Alkaholiks, Wild Child of Lootpack, Emanon plus more.

Shaun hopes to continually expose kids across time and cultures to soulful beats, melodies, and lyrics. Eventually, he hopes to reach the next step in his musical career, which is, to have the freedom to endlessly produce and create