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Klem Lamberti

Modena, Italy

Electronica, Techno

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Club / House Techno Music from Modena Italy

My passion for music led me to do a disk jockey from the start, in the class parties. All this was not a flash in the pan as for many.

Everything just happened, in a natural, almost predestined … developing the musical knowledge and channeling the passion for the professionalism already now, in the most free radio, beginning in 1979. Those years – for those who experienced them musically – both for the industry but also by the mere listeners or fans, are indelible testimony of the highest levels in quality and sound of the musical ideas of which he made plunder. ’79, (But all that time) was a great year, where it was at best the energy of funk, disco music and rock. And I found myself, driven by my enthusiasm and curiosity, almost without realizing it, into a springboard. With “Radio Onda Libera”, until 1981, I was involved in amplifying this vast musical heritage to explore, with a very successful program entertainment, called “Good Music”.

Still, with Sunrise Radio Network 5 as Artistic Director and with a new format, Discoactionlive; simultaneously, Shadow of Sound Radio will broadcast the legendary “Mix Music Top” music mixed live, live from the “Divine Club” Disco. With Umbra Radio City 1986-1989 As Artistic Director. As a DJ, I quote the slopes of some places where I did dance and entertain thousands of people, as the “Tunisian”, “Meeting”, The “Phaedra”, “You Fairy” Divine Club, "" Scotch Club, “Metropolis”, “My Toy”, “Empire 2”, and still in some prestigious Spanish locals as the “Penelope Disco”, the “Nabob” .. . and again in Emilia Romagna, Lombardy, Veneto. Writing to AID, the Italian Association of Disc Jockey, founded by Renzo Arbore is Gianni Naso … He graduated at the Conservatory of Avellino Domenico Cimarosa … in a nutshell, my life is still today a partnership in music, passion, then combined with its increasing professionalism which merges into the pleasure shared with the public, through the fantastic job of DJ