Top 25k on The DJ List

Klaus Schneider

Dorsten, Germany

House, Minimal

Dimmer, Eisfach Schallplatten, fullscale music
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Nowadays, looking at Klaus Schneider in his ‘Thrasher’ shirt, you could be deceived into thinking he might be a genuine skater. Actually though, hes more a poser than anything. He says he can’t skate at all. Unless we are talking about checking out the ‘Tony Hawk’ moves on the Playstation. One thing he is good at though, is making music, which is probably cooler anyway, and definitely not as dangerous as skating!

Klaus, has been behind the decks now for many years also he has finished his audio engineer development. Apart from that, he has a very good idea of what sounds new. This could be one of the good reasons why national and international djs play his tracks. Big names such as Carl Cox, Mousse T, Seb Fontaine, Dave Seamen, Nick & Danny Chatelain have already signed his tracks for their Mix Compilations.

Klaus always works in the studio with a wide range of different artists, musicians and producers and djs such as Dave Mothersole, Phil Barnes, Kevin Rocks or Alexandra Prince are just a few of the names he’s collaborated with recently. And not only does he reap praise from his DJ colleagues, producers such as Moguai Teammate ’ Michael Bellina’ and for the Grammy nominated Martin Buttrich are now remixing his tracks. Keep an eye on this man – he’s destined to go far.