Kiyoshi Shimizu

Tokyo, Japan

House, Techno

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His style includes mainly house music, ranging from house, electro and progressive through to the latest dance charts. His exclusive styles of groove and rhythm have attracted many clubbers over the years and his extraordinary vibes and beats always heat up crowded dance floors.

In December 1990, Kiyoshi recently organized a remarkable party on three moving train carriages. The party was a huge success and resulted in a substantial media attention.

In 2000 to 2009, Kiyoshi has also arranged parties in Hakuba Ski Resort Area, the venue for the Japanese Olympics. The parties attracted a multitude of people from all over Japan.

In March 2003, he played with DJ Falcon Japan Tour, and Kiyoshi’s mixes have been broadcasted to audience all over the world through the internet on, Japan’s popular club music station. His first on aired show immediately attracted a multitude of listeners and immediately received offers for CD releases in Europe and Canada. He also performed as one of the main DJ’s at the 1st Anniversary Party in Roppongi Tokyo. In March 2004, he performed his shows in Canada as the first Japanese DJ to Whistler. Kiyoshi played at the same venue again in February 2005 and performed his original tracks remixed with Japanese instruments including Koto and Shamisen. During a three date sold out tour in Canada. in February 2005, Kiyoshi played with Steve Porter in Vancouver. In March 2005, his show was recorded by the TV from Australia. Kiyoshi Shimizu Toured Europe in 2005. He performed in Brussels, Belgium and Hamburg , Germany. And he has played in Germany for two years from 2005. In September, he performed with Sander Kleinenberg in Forum stadium (Beirut, Lebanon), playing to crowds of over 10.000. Kiyoshi started his tour in Toronto Canada in March 2006, and in September, Kiyoshi played in Beijing, China. and he has played in China for two years from 2006. In February 2007, he performed with Pako&FrederiK. and Kiyoshi will also be starting a new residency on Internet radio stations, in Montreal Canada.and in May, Kiyoshi played in Kiev Ukraine. In February 2008, his show was recorded by the TV Asahi from Tokyo, Japan. In May, Kiyoshi’s mixes have been broadcasted on Frankfurt, Germany. and in June, Kiyoshi played in Sydney, Australia. In May 2009, he played in Khabarovsk, Russia. From the June to the September, he released SNOW DAMAGE, and I+CANT+STOP. In October, he did Remix of AMERICAN COWBOY of Jada.

Upcoming events include London, Montreal and Tokyo radio shows and live performances in the North America, Europe, and Asia as well as releases of Kiyoshi’s original mixes collaborated with international DJs. Kiyoshi’s very innovative ideas and techniques have made him one of the fastest growing international DJ’s in Japan.