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Kit Likwid

Austin, United States

Breaks, House

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Kit Likwid began publicly performing and dancing in the EDM scene in 1996. She helped bring crowds in the pioneering days of the Houston, Tx scene and continues to do so to this day in other cities as well. She is indeed a well-known veteran of the Texas electronic dance music scene with a degree in Audio / Recording Technology. She plays and produces almost every genre there is. There is no genre she cannot play.

Kit has spent her years in the EDM industry helping the younger generations discover their music or dancing talents and teaching those who love to learn. Kit stands up for the rights of djs and the safety of party goers almost daily. She has played alongside many national and international headliners and has helped throw more events than can be counted. Never under-estimate her. She is a strong woman of many talents.

As a dj, her performances are technical as she plays like a real dj should, remixing the entire set. She also adds in her own sounds and beats giving the crowds a true part of herself. Dancing with the audience, her energetic music, and her inviting personality wins the hearts of the die hard edm fans.