Kirill Beatport


DJ KIRILL is an up and coming dj / producer in the city of Chicago. As an art and tech student at the Art Institute, Kirill majored in multi media production and web design. This is when Kirill first got introduced to studio production. After taking an introductory digital sound course needed for his major, Kirill began taking more advanced classes to learn how to produce his own music. Working along side Chicago hard house dj / producer Pulz-8 and several producers from Euphoria Records, Kirill has aquired the technical skills needed to create his dance tracks. His style of music is a dark blend of techno and trance that is influenced by Swedish legend Samuel L. Sessions and U.K. giant John Digweed.

Although he has only been spinning dance music for the past several years Kirill has landed himself several residencies at some of the larger venues in the city. He first got his start at the Dragon Room on friday and saturday nights with the Ginseng promote group and later added thursday nights at the Drink to his schedual. Aside from his past residencies, Kirill has made many guest appearances throught the city. He has opened up for internationally acclaimed trance producer Tony Astrada / Global Harmony Records U.K. and tribal techno producer Brian Stillwater / Undercurrent Records U.K. Kirill has also been working hard at spreading his style of music outside the city of Chicago..

Today Kirill spends most of his spare time compiling new mixes to hand out at the clubs and is working on his first record release November 1, 2001. Keep your eyes open for this new up and coming Chicago dj / producer.