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Jonatan Tesei is the man behind KINTAR. He was born in 1983 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. His first steps were in 2001 when he was 18 years old; with a huge dream in his mind: showing the world his unique and distinctive music.

With over 40 releases and 2 albums, we can say that Jonatan has a place within the Electronic Dance Music scene worldwide. Also many artists from different genres support his music such us Hernán Cattaneo, John 00 Flemming, Nick Warren, Andy Moor, Moshic, Lemon 8, Stan Kolev, Fatali, and many others.

In addition, Jonatan founded SUDAM label: as the second part of his huge dream. He wanted to share it with friends and hundreds of artists… so, being part of that label became the dream of many more. Today SUDAM is a great team which is working hard as an artist community showing different styles of music such as Progressive, House, Trance, Tribal, Break, Downbeat, Soundtracks.

KINTAR also has two monthly shows, one at Frisky Radio (USA) and another Podcast presenting DFTT (Deep Funky Tech n’ Tribal). You can check it at (

Something that stands out of KINTAR is his ethnic and mystic sound which hides behind his Progressive style… creating an incredible atmosphere and easily recognizable on the dance floor… This feature is the reason that makes him to have so many followers around the world.

He is about to release his second album called “Carpe Diem”, which will be out soon at SUDAM & J00F Records.


Jonatan Tesei / K I N T A R!