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King Lady

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam


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I have always loved music more than most things in my life as it is always there, always knows my thoughts and always understands my feelings.

I got into DJing so I could spend more time doing music and justify it by calling it “Practise”.

After highschool I was living on my own working 2 jobs and music in my headphones was the only comfort in my life. Lucky I found myself soon surrounded by a group of people that all did or were doing music professionally and with true passion.

The 2 people that had the most influence on me was a producer/entrepreneur from

Vancouver Canada named Charz and his close friend the top dance producer/dj in Vietnam DJ Hoang Anh of 88DNA. Getting to know DJ Hoang Anh and seeing the passion he operated all things musical was a ray of light that made the vision clear. It hit me that night at ZoukOut in Singapore with those guys.

I Will Be a DJ, I Will Preform with Music!

After almost 2 years of learning many music genres methods of mixing I started to headline clubs almost right away. I was featured on the TV show The Remix and have been non stop since. International growth is the next goal. Here comes King Lady ;)