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Salvador, aka Dj Salva, of Spanish origin, was born in Paris in May 1978

He got to know more about electronic music in Galicia (Spain) at an early age and he has always been keen on music, night life and preparing events.

He played electric guitar and after this “rock period” he started on learning dj’ing and electronic music

Actually, he developed his dj skills quite quickly and began to mix in many Spanish clubs, thanks to 2 friends of his, a couple of techno/hardhouse dj’s (Manry y Javito), who met every summer in Spain

Little by little, ho got fond of Trance-Goa music as soon as he found out about artists such as Infected Mushroom, Total eclipse, Astral projection, Antidote

He got into mixing more and more: Nu nrg / Hard trance / Hard house, thanks to Transkypet (a French association).

Actually he discovered this kind of music listening to Transkypet vynil dj sets of Olive, Seb, Randy Exess, Kid Cannonball. He often got to London in order to buy vynils and he discovered artists such as, Weirdo, OD404, Organ Donors BK, Nick Sentience, Lab 4 and one of his favourite djs, Mark Sinclair, who really impressed him

The passion for this dynamic and at the same time, melodic kind of music, requiring technical skills, led him to promote it in France; for this reason, he created his own association CYBERDELIK, whose aim was, actually, to promote Psytrance, and others trance music’s styles by preparing and making events such as, for instance, the Magic frequency and Nephentes parties. His aim is to carry on CYBERDELIK’s projects and help humanitarian associations too

For his parties, he always chose inusual spots and he booked many dj’s and artists like , Phatmatix, Silicon Sound, Triskell, Audialize, Life Extension, Naya, Olive, Seb, Ananda, Jessy, Polyphème, Psychotrop, Senix

Few years later, in 2004, he got back to Psytrance, his favourite music.

Salva is well known for his “dynamic” dj sets, for his special technical way of mixing vynils and for his “crazy versus” but he finally managed to use his technical dj skills in Psytrance

Salva as been involve in psytrance development since 10 years as djing, organizer of psytrance events and live acts

He played in Spain, France, Belgium, Chili and mainly around Paris, alongside international artists such as Jaia, Pop stream, Dado, Audialize, Silicon sound, Talamasca, Highlight-Tribe, GBU, Domestic, Bamboo Forest, GMS, Protoculture, Audiotec, DNA, Oracle, Inner Action, , Hujaboy, Scorb and many others…

In spite of that, he has always wished to mix and play his own music.

That’s the reason why, in 2005, he started to focus on creating his own music and his own project, under the name of KINESIS

Todays, he’s also working on his musical project with dj Naya, called CRYING FREEMEN, among others collaborations with other friends : CRYSTAL NETWORK and NORTHERN LIGHTS