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Born in Hong Kong and growing up in Singapore, Kin was influenced by the east. His love for music started at an early age but never had any formal musical training. Kin later moved to Ireland where he attended University. While in University he started visiting clubs like the Kitchen and listing to the likes of James Ruskin, Billy Nasty, and Surgeon. Late 1998, Kin got into DJing for fun.

Kin’ first public appearance was for Tribal Fuel. This was the stepping-stone and he later went on to play for Eyecue, Undermine and others. His style is adaptive, playing from funky techno to hard driving techno, cutting up records, creating his own sound as he mixes. Kin’ main influences would derive from DJs like Jeff Mills and Dave Clarke.

Residing now in Dublin, Kin strives to contribute as best he can to the thriving techno scene. How good is he? Only time will tell. One thing is for sure; we are going to see a lot more him in the future.