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Kim Of Diamondz


AKA: Kim Darlington

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Residing in Toronto, Canada…KiM Of DiamondZ has been making her mark in the underground music scene. Having played at many of Toronto’s most reputable clubs, including Fly Night Club, Century Room, Ultra Supper Club, Film Lounge, L’ily Resto and so many more!

While travelling abroad, KiM has also managed to create an international reputation rocking dance floors in the U.S.A., London, Ibiza, & Ireland. While holding down a residency at Bru Bar in Ireland, KiM Of DiamondZ guaranteed a packed house and jumpin’ dance floor week after week.

Also known for her contributions to Irelands #1 radio station Kiss FM (99.1) “The KiMberley & Colin Show” was hosted as a means reach out to youth connecting through music and everyday experiences.

Returning home to Canada, KiM continued to perpetuate her love for music & people hosting the Selective Sessions live stream, offering a 2hr mix, complete with live video and radio host.

An infusion of jumpin techy tracks, upbeat percussion and signature vocals are what separates KiM from the main stream. Laying down a flawless mix each and every time, while also incorporating mixer effects that push the limits, behind the decks, KiM Of DiamondZ is well known as one of Toronto’s most energetic and technical DJ’s.

Having established a collective of local and guest DJ’s and her unique approach to executing events….ForeverLush was born. As the driving force behind event brands such as Future Fridayz & Kiss My Beat, ForeverLush entertainment continues to cultivate events offering the latest in underground dance and a vibe like no other. Be sure to join our ForeverLush entertainment Fan Group to stay up to date on our latest events. Don’t miss out!