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Kim Leoni

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Andorfine Records, Cloud 9 Dance, Napith Music
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Kim Leoni is a charismatic half Indonesian half Dutch performer living in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Thanks to her parents, Kim spent her childhood on three continents: Asia, Europe and North America. While living in Miami Kim joined a dance troupe and spent her teenage years dancing and performing in clubs over the entire state of Florida and then Kim attributes her love of music to the percussive sounds of Indonesia and her love for dance and performing. The first dance steps she learned on the streets of Miami. At the age of 17 Kim returned to the Netherlands and found herself a target of interest for several modeling agencies, which led her to a short-lived career as a model, however, she found her initial career as a model unattractive and boring, she returned to her first love: music performing with a local pop band and gathering her first studio experience. In August 2006 a chance meeting with producers Michel Pollen and Brane Kovak (at a birthday party for a mutual friend, where Kim gave an impromptu singing performance!) led to the first collaboration: the song is called “Again” a passionate tale of a stormy relationship “based on a true story”. "In the beginning, we were drawn to Kim by her charisma and beauty, but when we heard the voice we knew we had to start making music together "…