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Tim Hartley AKA DJ Kilo has been rocking Canada and the United States for over 7 years. Having played in Virtually every major city across the country with some of the biggest DJ’s on the planet, its no secret that he pops up at nightclubs and raves with a persona to be one of the dirtiest underground DJ’s in the country!

DJ Kilo was brought into the underground scene when he found his love for Hard Techno back in 2003 and quickly became internationally infamous for his hard banging 140 bpm Schranz/Acid Techno sets. Having been booked to play with some of the biggest Hard/Acid Techno DJ’s and Producers such as DJ Amok, Frank Kvitta, Sven Wittekind, OBI just to name a few, he was able to bring forth the most fresh and new sounds from the biggest names in Techno before anyone else! His most memorable moment from his Techno days were being booked to be one of the headliners at the legendary Club Shelter in Manhattan NYC for New york City’s biggest Hard Techno party " Hard Noize 2" when he was not even old enough to attend the event because of being 20 and the legal age limit in the US being 21.

Kilo’s taste has since changed drastically over the years from Techno to House but still keeping his love for banging beats in check with the Underground electro house sound!

Since coming forth into the electro house circuit he has once again had the opportunity to grace the decks with some of the most respected DJ’s and Producers such as Bryan Cox, Paul Andthony ,The incredible melting man, Soulfix, Dom G, Mike Conradi, Marty Mcfly, DJ Opel, Xotec … just to name a few. Having a great reputation with his favorite producers, Kilo gets all the best new tracks before anyone else and therefore always has a reputation of playing the freshest new sound your ears can handle!

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