Top 25k on The DJ List

Killa Kutz

United States


DJ F Sharp began his DJ’ing career at age 14 when he got his first set of turntables and mixers. F SHARP, his final DJ name, served as new beginning for the young DJ because he was interesting in not just strictly mixing hip hop and reggae but he also wanted to incorporate rock into his mixes also. Then he began to DJ at his school (Stevenson school) radio station, 91.9 KSPB, and suddenly became a hit. He was one of the only DJ’ in the entire USA to be mixing hip hop w/ rock especially on the radio. He quickly diverged himself and made himself popular throughout his hometown and the bay area. He also began to get into the mobile DJ service with two of his buddies and began making money through that type of DJ’ing as well as guest spots at local clubs.

Currently DJ F Sharp is 16 and has developed his skills so that he will create an uproar in the DJ scene in years to come when he renovates the stereotypical DJ who only spins hip hop. As he looks on towards college, he has decided to stay true to his roots and stay on non-commercial radio because that is where it has brought him thus far. You can check him out on 91.9 KSPB every Saturday night from 6-8pm and you can book him for your event anytime.