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Kill Theory

Aurora, United States

Electronica, Psy-Trance

Yah, Sure. Records
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I am a electronic dance music (EDM) producer & DJ. I mostly produce psychedelic music like PsyTrance, Psybreaks, Psystep, etc… But also produce and play many other genres from DnB, Dubstep, Progressive House, and Electro. I have been producing electronic music since 2008, with a rich musical background even before that. I used to play various types of music related to Jazz when I was in school, I played around with multiple instruments in woodwinds, brass (trumpet), and some piano. I also run and on still go by Kolishin Methud- which you can find here-

that project currently has a EP out on Beat Port and other music hosting sites called “Coolio 09” check it out-

I have played shows for labels and companies such as: KGNU Radio, Sub.Mission, Eat My Beatz Ent., and Electromance Records.

I also have alot of tracks that I release for free as well all free tracks can be found via facebook, youtube, or soundcloud! All remixes and dj mixes are free and always will be! Check out more music from my project “Kill Theory”-

Other than that I do have a few singles available for free download as well! Check it out on my other projects pages:

I hope you enjoy!

Peace & Love- BoOm! ♥ KM/KT