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Kiko (FR, Goodlife, Hot Banana)

Since his debut in ‘92, Kiko is considered one of the very influential players from the French scene. The first important project was Phunky Data (duo with Oxia). This formation, in combination with some other artists, made Grenoble the French electronic city.

By the end of 2000, Kiko decided to take some distance from the decks to concentrate fully on productions and to orientate these productions around two movements that influenced him the most: new-wave and Italo-disco. These sounds carried on and were discovered for the first time with Midnight Magic (2001), Monique (Goodlife -international underground classic), and the Love Emulator (2002 – Sinema project created with Stephane Deschnezeaux).

As Ozone disappeared, Kiko created the Hot Banana label with Fabrice G. Hot Banana explores numerous productions and projects of Kiko: Money Penny project, Mix Machine with Gino S (Electrogenic EP from summer 2003 with the famous Bikini track), Human Body, Yannick Baudino, Naommon, David Carretta and a special project with The Hacker and Alexander Robotnick (guy on the forefront of Electro-Disco). 2005 sees the return of Ozone!

Kiko’s diary gets busier and busier by the moment as his distinguished eclectic style and originality of his sets attract many and encompass: electro, techno, italo-disco.

Kiko’s goal is to produce ‘dance floor’ tracks combining all these styles. From Hot Banana to Goodlife, Turbo (label Tiga) & Gigolo (label dj Hell), Kiko is certainly back on track.