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Kiko Claure

La Paz, Bolivia

Tech House, Techno

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KIKO CLAURE is one of the most talented and respected DJs in Bolivia (South America), not only like a Club DJ, also like a Radio DJ, Voice Talent, Webmaster, MC , TV Producer and Event Promoter.

His first number one show aired for 7 years in Top 40 format F.M. Panamericana Stereo 97, he made the Spanish Version of the famous: “American Top 40” (with Shadoe Stevens) and live mix broadcasting from the best Clubs of La Paz (Forum, Underground Club)

As a Club DJ his sequences are technically and carefully mixed, combined with breaks and Mixer FX, but always giving a good place to the delightfully improvisation, he is very versatile, mixing almost any styles, from House to Trance, from Hip Hop to Classics, from Latin Rock to any genre…

He Mastered in Classics from the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s utilizing his experience and expertise playing in the best Clubs of Bolivia, places like: DYSKO STUDYO, PACHA, ONIX SOUND STAGE, FORUM (The Giant), NEW TOKYO UNDERGROUND CLUB TRAFFIC

As quoted by the DJ “Just give me sound, two decks and some records and I’ll make a party anywhere” K.C.

At the present time he is producing the International Radio DJ Show DJinc Comunidad Electronica listen a demo @

He also uses the most of Music, Audio and Internet Software to make his own creations, advertising, web design and some crazy music inventions.

Kiko Claure is a figure in constant evolution and a real legend in the quadrant of the major Bolivian DJ’s and Kreatives.