Kido Beatport


As a baby, kido loved to throw her first records across the living room. So soon first mixing attempts followed which, on one hand meant the destruction of daddys vinyl collection and on the other hand the beginning of an infinite fascination for the black vinyl.

In the nineties, seized by the first street parades and by the techno fever, she slowly got to the resolution, that she had to become a master of disaster herself in this crazy and colorful world. With a friend of hers she then began to let this desire become reality at the beginning of the new millennium. She had several appearances in front of private public. But then suddenly bookings followed in large clubs in Zurich like the Stoffwechsel15 or the Rostofflager.

2003 her party label [email protected] was born and in that same year she started to produce her own electro tracks; one of the tracks is soon to be released.

Nevertheless, what she loves most are DANCING DISCO SLUTS, so: lets rock!!