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Im’a give you a non-PC version of my bio on this page, if you want my accomplishments & bragging points visit my website. I don’t like yappin my mouth, everyone talks a big game, tells ya that they opened up for big pop names when in actuality they bought the ticket to the show, was backstage, bought the promoter a bottle of liquor, jumped on stage shouted there name and all of sudden they opened for Michael Jackson back in the day…Don’t be fooled by fools, let your ears be the judge.

As a DJ I always try to push the envelope, my job is to expose you to the best out there, not to recycle garbage and play the obvious (even though at times I do/am forced to!).

As a Producer I make music that comes from me, I don’t copy styles, it’s just not in my nature.

As a Remixer, I turn bad into good, & good into great.

I also enjoy the business side of the Music Industry. It’s what separates the Men from the Boys. Business is the difference between a Professional & an Amateur. I learn about the rules and play within ‘em, and disregard anyone who doesn’t. I don’t cheat to win.

I feel it is my duty as a DJ/Producer/Rmxr to contribute to Music and give music something back, that is why I make e-Hop Music. Call it the “Evolution” of Hip-Hop. I grew up on Hip-Hop, Rock, House, Motown, you name, I listen’d to it. I try to take something from everything I experience and put it in my music so when I leave the game and someone listen’s to my music they can say, “No one did it like Kidd Star”. There is no point to enter the game if you don’t plan on being #1.