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Hays, United States


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KiddnotiK, Produces Genres of Electronic Dance Music such as Progressive, Techno, Trance, House, Electro, Dubstep, Drum&Bass, Tech-House, Psy & Loves Producing all kinds of Electronic Music, anything inspirational, unique & Hypnotic . KiddnotiK’s Music can be something New & Unique to many People but by keeping the roots of Techno gives off this Euphoria Signature Atmosphere deep sound in all his Productions. KiddnotiK performs for Live audiences by bringing nothing but True Sound for the Crowd..Real Music!

Biography -

- Anthony Gabel,

- Music Producer, Engineer & DJ! KiddnotiK started off Producing Music as a young teen, Music itself has always been a big part of His life,growing up on playing the Piano & Drums. He Started off Producing Rap & Hip-Hop Music, but then came a point in His life where Electronic Music stole His Heart. KiddnotiK started Producing Electronic Music & just simply feel in love with the Culture of the Music & just simply how it makes you feel. KiddnotiK brings His true Art to Live Music Entertainment, Setting up each & every one of his Live Sets with nothing but True Music, all flowing together as if it was a Story being heard, with more then something You can just simply hear but truly Feel! His quality for sound is nothing but blissful, opening many eyes to listen & Feel His Music. An Art, a Passion & most of all his Love for Music.. feeds This World His Sound a whole New side of Electronic Dance Music!

“I Produce Music, & Mix Music for more then just a Hobby or Career, It’s My Passion!