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Kid A

AKA: Ann Alexander Thweatt

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Some say leading a reclusive lifestyle can be crippling, but to KID A, pseudonym of Virginian producer, singer/ songwriter, Anni T, it’s a necessity. For KID A, Isolation is the key to conjuring up the imaginative, electronic soundscapes, minimalist jazz collages, and lyrical lovelorn tales flowing through her mind. Loneliness, yes, loneliness can sometimes be a blessing.

KID A grew up spending balmy, Southern nights listening to the various Jazz albums of Miles Davis, John Coltrane, Wayne Shorter, Herbie Hancock, and Weather Report with her Papa. The musical moments they shared together left a deep impact on her senses and youthful imagination. Jazz, with all of its chaos, character, and fusion, became the musical Genesis of KID A. This early exposure planted a seed in her mind, and thus a thirst for musical exploration started growing inside her.

Adolescence and teenagedom was a musical cornucopia of mainstream rejection and electronic discovery for KID A. Her ears quickly turned towards the bleak, post-punk/ electronic legacies of many UK, Irish, and European artists. An intense passion for French touch and experimental electro, developed slowly over the years, thanks to online radio and subterranean television. She passed ‘Subcultural Immersion 101’ with flying colours and the highest of honours.

Once class was officially out of session, KID A started dabbling in technology, creating beats and loops. With no prior knowledge or technique the process was a blind endeavor. But, at times certain ignorances and inexperiences merit goodness, because the pressure to create was nonexistent. Blind freedom became her empowering tool.

The tapestry of sound KID A tirelessly weaves varies from experimental synth and minimalist, electro beats to aerial melodies and Shibuya-kei jingles. The sweet presence of nativity and mystery linger on her vocal chords, as she preaches lyrically to the brokenhearted and weary. A professional soul soother of the Lonely Hearts club.

The pained, lyrical circumstances of In A Dream House EP (2010), produced by dan le sac in 2008, resulted from lying boys, meddling temptations, and the never-ending troubles and insecurities being a female seemed to spawn.

PPPONEY OST (2011), a self production, beared certain similar aspects, focusing on social disconnect and life’s letdowns; but, the context, quite purposefully so, was heavily eclipsed by the project’s cool, quirkiness and Japanese linguistic barrier.

Over the years, KID A collaborated with numerous international artists:

The first connection belonging to ambitious, Lyonnais electronic duo, Spitzer. Thanks to the wonders of technology and social networks, a wonderful transatlantic relationship formed between the three young artists. KID A lent her winsome vocals and lyrics to ‘Too Hard To Breathe’ for the brothers’ Roller Coaster EP (2010).

Soon after, KID A reconnected with an old, Myspace-era encounter, American IDM producer, Daedelus, penning the airy, Gainsbourg-inspired track, ‘Succumbing To’ for his conceptual album, Righteous Fists Of Harmony (2010) on BrainFeeder.

Ever so anxious to collaborate with her friend and UK producer, dan le sac. KID A lent her vocals to the melancholic, grimey, lovesick track, ‘Cauliflower,’ for the dan le sac vs. Scroobius Pip sophomore album, Logic of Chance (2010).

In the Summer of 2010, KID A received an invitation from her good friend and mentor, French touch producer Agoria, to contribute something special for his album, Impermanence (2011). It was there, in Paris, where she penned the two tracks ‘Kiss My Soul’ and ‘Heart Beating.’

The creative connection with these seasoned artists was the perfect experience, impacting KID A’s creative aptitude greatly.

In late Spring of 2011, KID A recorded her full length album in the suburbs of Paris with Agoria, who oversaw the two week production process. Special musical contributions from Spitzer and Bachar Khalife appeared on the album as well. After spending her previous year producing new tracks, reworking old demos, and writing lyrics out of a tiny, old upstairs bedroom in Virginia; returning a professional studio atmosphere was a musical rejuvenation. The recording sessions proved it.

Now, that things are set in motion, 2012 is looking to become the busiest year for KID A yet. Great expectations and pleasant surprises are awaiting her. Perhaps, the era of isolationism will soon be over.