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Kibz Beatport


Bojan Bozinovski AKA Dj Kibz started his career in year 2000 after being inspired by listening to the mixes of Stacy Poolen, Dave Clarke, Richie Hawtin and many others at the time. The same year Kibz teamed up with Dj Angelboy into ‘DJ at Work’ organisation that found them playing on all major local parties around Subotica. Total dedication and good sound styling shaped him into the most wanted up and coming DJ’s around. Over the years he developed intact skills on two and than moved to three decks and effects most recently. Undisputed performance and presence got him a residency in caffe Backstage together with DJ Krabbz.

Kibz has consistently set the pace in Subotica, thanks to his ability to deliver a show every time he’s in charge. In 2004 he collaborated with DJ D.F.N.D.R. and joined his Speedprogress organisation which brought them success and residency in one of the best clubs in Serbia & Montenegro, Club Lifka. ( Part of the success and part of their will to move forward they stepped into music production waters to see the Speedprogress Records label formation.

He played alongside with top international bullets of techno underground scene like: Umek, Misjah, Monolink, Hardcell, Marco Carola, Ladida, Luke Slater, The Advent, Slobodan?!